Edwin Björlin

full-stack developer

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Harbour community

Gårda brygga

I used to live in close proximity to the ocean, so naturally there are a handful of docks nearby. The committee of one of the biggest ones in my town reached out because they had a very old and confusing website. They wanted something that was easy to use for the members and the general public.

I have a great deal of respect for Wordpress, having worked on this project. I had a very specific vision in mind and decided early on that I wanted to rebuild the website from the ground up. Naturally this meant engineering the entire backend and maintaining a balance between security, UX and performance.

Initially I used vanilla CSS, this was a big misstep. The code was difficult to maintain and whenever I wanted to change a simple color or padding I had to traverse thousands of lines of code. When I revisited the project a few months after completion I swiftly implemented Sass and since that day onwards, I always use a pre-processor whenever possible.

apache php mysql

Art gallery

Bengt Borén

I caught word of a painter whom wished to have a website for his artwork. At the time I studied web development so I thought it would be a grand idea to help him out. This is the story of how I got my first client.

Setting up a database with all the artwork and displaying them in a non-intrusive manner was one of the biggest challenges. Another interesting aspect was the wildly different dimensions of the paintings. Normal square thumbnails were out of the question, I had to think differently.

For a while, the data for the paintings held duplicate info in the Swedish and English version of the tables, not ideal as there were cases of reporting different dimensions of the paintings between languages. This is something that I fixed later on by joining several tables together upon requesting the data. As a side note I am quite happy with the neat system that I put together for switching the language on the website.


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